Marisa’s family photo session/Family photographer Lafayette

I had the pleasure taking photos of Marisa and her adorable family over the weekend including their dog, Max in their beautiful home! They were so easy going and fun loving. I have noticed that when I go to my client’s home everyone is more relaxed and more tuned into their photo shoot. It is probably because none of the family members need to get rushed to get ready and there is absolutely no driving time involved. With my photos I wanted to tell a story and I hope I have succeeded! Enjoy the photos!

DSC_5024withlogo DSC_5030withlogo DSC_4938withlogo DSC_4922withlogo DSC_4903withlogoDSC_4849withlogoDSC_4974withlogo

2 thoughts on “Marisa’s family photo session/Family photographer Lafayette

  1. Oh Anita, I love them! My husband who is not into ANY kind of planned picture taking, really enjoyed it. You made all of us feel like ourselves. Thank you so much! You have beautiful talent.
    – Marisa

  2. Thank you so much Marisa for the great feedback! I think having your family photo session at your house made it easier for everyone especially for your children. You have one loving family! I can not wait to show you the rest of the photos! Anita

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